The Story

From my very first date with him, the chemistry, connection, and comfort were there and I always filled up with butterflies at the thought of seeing and spending time with him; I was sure he was the one. Until the morning I woke up and it was over. I was heartbroken and shattered. Everything I had envisioned for my life was suddenly gone and I fell into one of the darkest and loneliest chapters of my life. There was nothing I could do but find a way to move to on.

I reached for my toolbox consisting of yoga, meditation, self-care, and community, I was able to pull myself back together and come out on the other side. Through this, I realized that I need to share these tools to help other women return to the whole, happy, and even more empowered women that they are. These are the tools and inspiration to get you through to the other side with your whole heart. This is the Healing Heart Method.