If you’re looking for a meditation to go into your regular daily rotation, I have a great option for you. This daily calm meditation and accompanying journal prompt are designed to help you check in with yourself on a mental, physical, and emotional level, and then bring you into a space of peace and calm for whatever your day may have in store.

The process of checking in allows us to see where we’re at and notice how the meditation is supporting us to find a greater sense of calm. This act of awareness takes courage. Sitting with our emotions, the big ones and the small ones is not usually a comfortable process, but I invite you to step into your power and let’s check in.

For your journal prompt today, you can let that check-in look however you’d like. You can choose to rate how you’re feeling on a scale (1-10), spend a few minutes just writing out how you feel, or maybe take a combination approach.

Monthly intention: Courage

Today’s meditation: Daily Calm Meditation

Your journal prompt for today is: Before AND After your practice – how do you feel mentally, physically, and emotionally? You can rate this on a scale or spend a few moments writing on it.

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