Tis the season to talk about gratitude and spend time each day thanking God, your Angels, the Universe, or whatever higher power you believe for the abundance that is brought into your life on a daily. Whether you take a few moments each day to just sit in that gratitude and say “thank you” or write out gratitude in your journal before bed each night, I fully believe in these practices to welcome in more positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions. As Abraham Hicks often says, “like attracts like.” That’s why today I want to share 4 yoga practices to cultivate gratitude. Whether you’re looking for a slow flow, restorative, or gentle class, a guided meditation, or some combination of them all, these are the practices to help bring more gratitude into your day. For today and every day. And right from your own home.

Restorative Yoga for Gratitude

This is your Restorative Yoga for Gratitude class. In this super gentle, restorative class, we’re going to rest, relax, and cultivate a strong sense of gratitude in our mind, body, and soul. This is a great class to turn to whenever you’re feeling low on gratitude or even when you want to grow your gratitude.

Gratitude Vinyasa Flow – Under 30-minute vinyasa yoga class

This is your Gratitude Vinyasa Yoga Flow class. We will build a sense of gratitude in your physical body and for your physical body with this 25-minute vinyasa yoga class.

Gentle Yoga for Gratitude – 25-minute gentle yoga class

This is your Gentle Yoga for Gratitude class. In this super gentle yoga class, we’ll cultivate a sense of gratitude within our entire physical body. Prepare for a mix of active stretching and supported postures.

Morning Gratitude Practice – 30 minute Gratitude Morning Slow Flow

This is your Gratitude Morning Slow Flow class. We are going to start our days from a place of gratitude and positivity that you can carry with you for the rest of your day.

Let’s welcome these feelings of gratitude on our yoga mats that we can then carry off our mats and into our lives.

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