I believe you first need to take care of yourself before you can pour into others.

Hi, friend!

I am Katie Arnold.

I am a yoga and meditation teacher who helps stressed-out, overworked, and anxious women make time for and reconnect with themselves through movement and mindset practices.

Answer this for me:

Do you feel like you’re constantly hustling and 

going from one task to the next?

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How would it feel to actually have time to care for yourself?

🤯 I used to live in the “hustle” culture too and absolutely hated it! That’s why I developed the 5 Components of Connection so that I could better care for myself while still living my life and doing the things that need to get done.

I spent years burning the candle at both ends trying to build my career and business only to completely burn myself out because I wasn’t taking the time to care for and nourish myself on a body, mind, and soul level.

I’ve felt the negative side effects that come from not caring for yourself.

It can look like:

          😞 Depression and anxiety

          😩 Burnout and overwhelm

          😵‍💫 A lack of creativity

          🫥 Complete disconnection from your wants, needs, desires

➡️ ➡️ ➡️ Learning to care for myself consistently on a deep level allowed me to build better boundaries with my work, show up more refreshed and creative, and ultimately helped me to tune-in with myself so I could be more aware of the signs that I’m heading in the direction of unhealthy habits again.

My Credentials:

🌟 Registered 200-hour Yoga Teacher

🌟 Certified Personal Trainer with NASM

🌟 Yoga Therapist in Training with Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy

I want to help you to feel like yourself again and take back your life.