It’s safe to say, I am obsessed with yoga. The obsession began about 13 years ago when I was practicing in my dining room (turned music room, turned yoga studio) with PDF pose guides and audio instruction, and would fall asleep on the floor during savasana every single time. I would soon learn that one of my greatest tools was using yoga for stress relief.

There were many seasons of my yoga practice that would follow and all looked so different. There were seasons of heated vinyasa yoga, seasons of mostly restorative yoga, seasons where I made time for all styles, seasons where I practiced daily, and seasons where I forgot about my yoga mat. But the fact is that I always came back to this practice because it made me feel SO GOOD. And even better, it was also good FOR ME.

Why yoga? Why am I so obsessed with this practice? What about yoga is so good for you…let’s dive in.

Benefits of Yoga

  • Yoga improves your balance, flexibility, and strength
  • Yoga relaxes you and may help you sleep better
  • Yoga can help improve your mood
  • Yoga is great for stress management
  • Yoga is good for heart health and cardiovascular abilities
  • Yoga can help improve self-esteem
  • Yoga may improve bone health
  • Yoga can promote better body awareness and improve your posture
  • Yoga can help with burn-out

And we’re really just getting started…and we can dive deeper into those benefits on another day. 

If you haven’t quite found your yoga obsession yet, that’s okay. I invite you to check out one of the (many) yoga classes I have on YouTube to start introducing you to the practice. If you’re feeling stressed out, I would highly encourage you to check out the Yoga for Stress Relief class below or this Stress-Less Restorative Yoga class. This gentle + restorative combination yoga class will help you release the stress and tension you may be holding onto in your physical body, but especially in your shoulders and hips. 

Yoga for Stress Relief

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