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ROOT CHAKRA Morning Yoga – Gentle Morning Yoga in 10 minutes

If I’m being really honest, lately I’ve been feeling really ungrounded. I have felt especially scatter-brained, distracted, stuck, and anxious. I felt a desire to sit in meditation longer and turn to all of the practices that help ground my energy. Thankfully, after years of this work, I was able to recognize that my root …

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Practices to Turn to During Seasons of Growth

We’ve all found ourselves in seasons of growth. Heck, the last 2 1/2 years have been a non-stop season of collective growth. And while these kinds of seasons are necessary and important to our development as human beings having a human experience on Earth, they can also be extremely uncomfortable in the moment. I want …

Blog The Soul Connection Podcast

How do you find connection to yourself?

Before we get to answering the question of how to find connection to yourself, I think it’s important we actually talk about what it feels like when we’re disconnected vs what it feels like to be connected.  Disconnection can feel like your head is spinning; like you’re constantly stressed out and overwhelmed; like you don’t …