Are you ready to live the best day? Are you ready to set your intentions? How do you want to feel today? How do you want your day to go? Sure, we don’t always know what twists, turns, and roller coasters life may throw us on any given day, but we can set our intentions on how we want to react and show up at the start of the day. That’s what this intention-setting meditation is all about.

This guided meditation is all about empowering yourself for the day ahead and knowing that whatever the Universe throws your way, you can show up from that place of intention and empowerment. This is the perfect meditation and accompanying journal prompt to start your day every day. If you’ve ever gone looking for your morning practice, look no further. I got you, friend.

Monthly intention: Growth

Today’s meditation: Daily Empowerment Meditation – Guided Intention Setting Meditation for the Day Ahead

Your journal prompt for today is: What is your intention for the day ahead?

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