It’s been a while since I shared a deep sleep meditation so I thought it was about time. While the goal is usually to stay awake through your meditation practice, when I share these bedtime meditations, I tend to have a different stance and invite you to fall asleep listening to this practice, if it naturally comes versus trying to keep yourself awake just for the sake of staying awake.

So with that said, if you choose to listen to this episode on an external podcast player, please take a moment to find the setting to have the podcast stop after this episode so you won’t be alerted awake by whatever the next podcast may be in your feed.

Additionally, we are going to start our practice with journaling, so go ahead and grab your journal, and we’ll get started.

Intention: Embrace Change

Today’s meditation: Deep Sleep Meditation

Your journal prompt for today is: What challenges or obstacles did you face today that you may still be holding onto?

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