Mantra work has been one of my favorite things lately. From using it in my daily morning journaling to my meditation practice to moments throughout my day. Mantra work has been a significant addition to my life over the last few months and I’ve been feeling the benefits of the repetition to my mindset. 

Today’s meditation for focus uses mantras to achieve that point of concentration. These focus mantras for meditation can be repeated while completing the meditation, written out through your journal practice, or repeated when you’re at work and having a hard time focusing.

I have the power to focus.

I decide if a distraction serves me or not.

My boundaries help me focus.

I can be kind to myself when I lose focus.

My focus is a muscle, and I can strengthen it with time and practice.

Monthly intention: Centered

Today’s meditation: Focus Mantra Meditation

Your journal prompt for today is: Have you been able to focus lately? What have you noticed when you try to get into a focused state?

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