Did you know you can use meditation for greater clarity? Some people say that prayer is talking to God/Universe/Your Higher Self while meditation is listening, and I definitely find this to be the case.

During the seasons where I don’t prioritize my personal meditation practice, my mind gets noisy and it becomes hard to hear my intuition. But once I start slowing down, tuning inward, and making this time for myself, ideas start to come through and the path forward becomes a little more clear.

So, it’s time to focus on the things in your life that you are grateful for, assist your mind to clear the negativity, and allow greater clarity to come to your thoughts and emotions.

Monthly intention: Summer of Self-Care

Today’s meditation: Gratitude Meditation for Clarity

Your journal prompt for today is: (Before Meditation) Journal Prompt: Is there somewhere in your life you are currently seeking clarity? What question would you ask the Universe regarding this clarity? (After Meditation) Journal Prompt: What is something you’re grateful for today and why? Write on as many things that come to mind.

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