One of my favorite ways to introduce meditation to beginners is through your breath. This can be as simple as feeling and noticing your breath, counting the breath (inhale 1, exhale 2), or through a simple breathwork practice. This guided breath meditation is the latter, using a gentle breath technique called Triangle Breath. I love using Triangle Breath for support through times of stress and anxiety so if you’re navigating those feelings, this may be a great practice to try.

During the practice, I guide you through how to do Triangle Breath and I count you through a few repetitions. While I also mention this in the episode, I think it’s important to reiterate: if my breath count is too fast or too slow for your body and breathing, adjust the count to meet what you need today. The important thing about Triangle Breath is that your inhale, pause at the top while full of breath, and exhale are all equal lengths. With all of this said, if, for some reason, this breath practice isn’t working for you at all today, release the breath and just focus your awareness on your natural breath for the remainder of our practice.

Monthly intention: Ease

Today’s meditation: Guided Breath Meditation

Your journal prompt for today is: How are you finding (or how can you find) ease in your day / life in this season?

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