I remember hearing people talk about how they meditated every day, how it always made them feel so good, but whenever I tried it, I thought I was doing it wrong. My monkey mind was going crazy, I couldn’t get my thoughts to stop, and so my practice was extremely intermittent. At a time when my anxiety was some of the worst, it had ever been my therapist suggested I try meditation. We knew yoga was a huge help, but what about some devoted time to sit in stillness. I was skeptical but also open to anything that could maybe help so I committed to the practice; I committed to a daily meditation habit. 

I’m not going to say it was always easy and I’m definitely not going to tell you that the monkey mind is going to stop just because you’re wanting to meditate or even do start meditating every day. In fact, the monkey mind is PART of the process of meditation. It’s a part of building the awareness, of noticing that your mind has wandered off, and then choosing to bring it back to your breath and to the present moment at hand. 

Did you know that it only takes meditating 8-12 minutes per day to see improved focus and concentration, reduced anxiety and stress, and so many more benefits!? 

When I started showing up on my cushion every day consistently, I started feeling it for myself. I felt my anxiety start to come back down or when my anxiety would heighten, I could get myself back to baseline easier and quicker when I had been meditating regularly. I was hooked. 

But sometimes just getting started is the hardest part and I want to make it really easy for you. I want to help you make the commitment, to show up on your cushion, to have a guided meditation right at your fingertips, and then to see the habit come together and then don’t break the chain! And I’m going to help you with this 30-Day Meditation Habit Tracker

This 30-day Meditation Habit Tracker is going to help you build your daily meditation habit so you can feel the benefits of a regular meditation practice. I’ve even included a daily suggested meditation. All you need to do is find your comfortable meditation position. 

Are you ready to start your 30-day meditation journey with me? Grab your free 30-day meditation habit tracker below. I can’t wait to hear how this helps you!

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