‘Tis the season for taking some time to reflect on the past year and start to set up your new goals for the year ahead. (Psst – if you haven’t already, grab your free journal prompts for the end of the year here.) While I’m a huge proponent of not needing the start of a new year, new month, or new week to make changes in your life, I do fully understand that looking at those things can feel like a fresh slate and an opportunity to clearly draw the line to implementing change. One of my favorite ways to make goals and dreams and put them into something I can visualize is by making a vision board and today I’m going to show you how to make a vision board of your own. 

Vision boards are just that – the opportunity to put a vision to those dreams and goals that you have set out for your life. They are the visual representation of that in which you’re trying to manifest, call in, and work towards. They often help us finally realize that what we want is within our reach and possible because we look at them every single day. 

I’ve been making vision boards for as long as I can remember. In fact, I’ve kept many of my vision boards from years past because it’s such a beautiful way for me to reflect on where I used to be and how far I’ve come. So today, I want to help guide you through the process of how to make a vision board so as you work through all of your goals for the upcoming year, you can take the next step to make them a reality. 

How to Make a Vision Board

What kind of vision board will you make?

A physical vision board – think sitting down with old magazines and cutting out the photos, words, and graphics that call to you and represent those dreams?

A digital vision board – one that can live as the background of your phone or computer screen. Instead of cutting out images from magazines, you’ll scour the internet for the same.

Maybe you make both! (This is usually what I do.)

What are your goals?

Before you get started actually making it, you have to know what the goals are that you’re hoping to make happen, right? So take the time to do that. Complete my end-of-year journal prompts, spend some time working through what you’re wanting out of your next life chapter, and put them down on paper. This isn’t just helpful for our vision boarding process, but it will help you in actually making them happen.

Find your images!

Whether you’re taking the digital or physical route, take the time to find your images. Remember that your images don’t have the be the EXACT thing you’re wanting to call in, but they’re something that represents to you, that which you’re hoping to make happen. As an example, if I’m looking to run a marathon in the year to come, I may find a photo of a runner’s finisher medal or the logo for the race I’m signed up for. This process can take a little time, so let it be fun!

Put it all together!

It’s time to take all of your images and words and goals and create your vision board. Break out the scissors and glue sticks for your physical board or hit up a program like Canva (they have a free version!) to create your vision board. I show you in the video below how to easily do it on Canva!

Make your dreams a reality!

Now’s the really fun part! Now is when we get to start manifesting all of those beautiful goals and dreams and making them our real lives. Put your vision board in a place where you can look at it every single day as a gentle reminder of what you’re working toward. 

I have a disclaimer. It’s okay if your goals and dreams change mid-year. It’s okay if you go through this vision boarding process many times a year or if you prefer to do it on your birthday or some other date that feels like a fresh start to you. This is your life, your one-and-only life and you get to set the rules for how it looks and you get to call in whatever you want to call in. Don’t let my processes and my way of doing things be the thing to make you think this is the one and only way – it’s not. Go live your best and most beautiful life. I’m cheering you on!

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