Do you need to shift your mindset? This time of year can be hard. While autumn is my favorite season, I also understand that for so many it starts to trigger this dread of winter’s approach. These feelings then bubble over into other areas of life and before you know it, you’re feeling stuck, stagnant, and gloomy.

I want to offer up some practices today to help shift your mindset. These practices aren’t complex and they don’t have to take a long time, but they can help pull you into a more positive, hopeful, and abundant space.

  1. Practice Gratitude – I’m a huge proponent of a daily gratitude practice. Whether you choose to journal on your gratitude or just find a few moments in your day to say “thank you,” gratitude has been shown to change our days, mindsets, and lives.
  2. Embrace Change – As the saying goes, the only guarantee in life is change, so we must learn to embrace change. We’re given this opportunity throughout the year as the seasons change, and even the changes in seasons within our own lives.
  3. Face Your Fears – This has been at the top of my list lately and I’ve found myself in many situations where I’m nervous to do something. While a part of me wants to run away to safety, instead I have been saying to myself, “Do it scared” and “You can do hard things.” Every time I do this, I immediately see the return of my facing these fears.
  4. Practice Resilience – For me, this has looked like building resilience in my workouts. I’ve been pushing my running again lately with a mix of hills, speed intervals, and distance. Each time I complete another workout, I am building my resilience – physically AND mentally.
  5. Develop Positive Self-Talk – I know how easy it can be to fall into negative self-talk spirals or even fall prey to our own self-deprecating comments. This is something I’m really challenging within myself. When I hear those comments come up in my head, I try to stop them right in their tracks.
  6. Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs – This is really similar to developing more positive self-talk, but it’s worth its own point. When I find myself repeating these old stories that I’ve told myself for years, I’m trying to shift the narrative and also find ways in which I have proved those old beliefs wrong. For example, maybe the story is that you can never or never will be successful. It may be easy to fall into this story, but spend some time journaling all the ways you have been successful in your life – not just in big ways, but in the small ones too.
  7. Practice Self-Care – So often when my mindset is in the can, it’s usually a good sign that I haven’t been prioritizing my self-care as much. I began to reflect on how I could better care for myself. I recently had this realization around my evening routine and realized that I was working on things right up until I went to bed, so as I was falling asleep, my mind was still thinking about whatever I had just been doing. Your self-care could look like prioritizing workouts, spending time on your yoga mat, sitting in meditation, getting into nature, or whatever fills up your own cup.
  8. Get Support – I am always a huge advocate of getting professional support when you need it. If you’re having a hard time, don’t be afraid to seek out a therapist, have a conversation with your doctor, and get yourself the support that you need, in whatever ways you need it.

If you’re looking for a meditation to help shift your mindset, try your new Positive Energy Meditation. We use a combination of grounding exercises, energetic cleansing, and then calling in more hope and positivity to help with this shift. Bookmark this practice and come back to it whenever you need.

In the moment practice

Write out 3 things you’re grateful for so far today. Big or small. Then put your hands on your heart and take a breath. Feel your aliveness.

You’ve got this. And I believe in you.

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