I’m writing to you on a Saturday afternoon. Outside it is cold and gloomy. Inside it’s warm and cozy with a cup of hot tea, my space heater, and my dog curled up beside me. I have some gentle music playing in the background and just finished writing the meditations for the February episodes of The Soul Connection Podcast, and I have an immense feeling of gratitude.

Lately, I’ve felt the return of my creativity. A blank page doesn’t hold so much anxiety and fear as it once did. At times, I feel the words completely download through my crown chakra and I can barely get them onto a page fast enough. Stillness does that; slowing down offers up that space; busy-ness on the other hand, does not.

As much as I love the sweat, strength, and power of a fiery practice, I am reminded every day of the benefits to slowing down and to find a gentler side of my practice too. Funny enough, I got a new Garmin watch for Christmas which among its many features, includes showing my stress and “body battery” throughout the day. While I’m sure there’s a level to which this data may not always be trusted, it’s been interesting to witness; to see the days and times where I feel exhausted and to see it reflected back at me; and on the contrary, to see the days where I feel like I can take on the world, and to also see that reflected back to me. In fact, my watch yelled at me to rest one day! I kid you not! It detected high stress and invited me to take 5 minutes to focus on my breath – so I did.

Now aside from just focusing on my breath, my other go-to practice when I know I need rest and to lower my stress and anxiety levels is legs up the wall. Legs up the wall invites your nervous system to calm down to help you get into a state of ….

  • Deep relaxation
  • Reduce Stress
  • Alleviate tired legs
  • Calm your mind
@iamkatiearnold Benefits of Legs Up the Wall pose 💜 #mindfulness #groundingtechnique #legsupthewall #yogateacher #viparitakarani #restorativeyoga #stressrelief ♬ original sound – Katie Arnold Yoga

If you’re feeling stressed out; if you’re feeling exhausted; if you’re feeling anxious, may I suggest a little time in legs up the wall? Below, I’ll guide you into the posture.

May you find a little bit more ease, grace, and compassion for yourself today and through whatever season life may find you.

How to get into legs up the wall:

  1. Sit as close to the wall as you can
  2. Come down onto one arm / side (I lower to my left arm)
  3. Scoot your bum as close as you can to the wall
  4. Roll to your back and swing your legs up
@iamkatiearnold The easiest way to get into legs up the wall (in my opinion) – with and without a strap #yoga #yogapose #legsupthewall #yogaforrelaxing #yogaforrecovery #yogaforrealpeople ♬ There’s a Light – Beautiful Chorus

*You can also do this pose with a couch or chair as well, letting the calves rest on the seat of the chair.

I like to hold this posture for at least 5-10 minutes, and maybe even longer if I have the time. Some days, I will make this the only posture I use for my practice.

*You may find it nice to use a strap for longer holds for legs up the wall. In this case, make a loop with your strap and once you swing your legs up, slip them through the loop and tighten as needed. I find it easiest to put on the strap once my legs are up, but you can always do it before if that works better for you and your body.

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