I’m writing this to you on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I’m finishing the final sips of my coffee (it’s taken a few spins in the microwave today), curled under a blanket, and the Christmas tree lit up in the corner (the decorations sitting next to it waiting for me), and I’m finding myself reflecting on my month without social media. So in my true fashion, I thought I’d take the time to write out and share these feelings and insights with you:

  • I don’t actually want it to end. While at the time of writing, I do still have a few more days of the challenge, I am finding myself wanting it to go on. This isn’t fully possible as I do need to show up more for my day job, but I know I’m not nearly as ready to return to where I was before.
  • In fact, I really came face to face with the fact that I don’t want to be a part of this “hustle.” Sure, I would have said this before too, but it feels different now. More like this feeling that I won’t allow myself to be a part of the hustle anymore. Marketing is part of my job and it’s a part of growing your own business, but it doesn’t need to be so heavy and loud.
  • It’s time to quiet the noise. This past month, I’ve found myself also listening to fewer podcasts which wasn’t a part of the challenge. I love podcasts (I have one!) but I felt like everything around me felt so much louder. And I think it’s because I was able to turn down some of the other noise (social media) which made me see just how turned up everything else was too.
  • I spent more time reading. This was one thing I hoped would come from a social media break. In fact, I finished 3 books this month! I’ve always had a hard time with movies, as I could never quite focus my attention through the whole thing, and I found that became easier and more enjoyable too. I boil this whole thing down to the fact that I was able to be more present with myself, with what I was doing, and with who I was with.
  • There are still a lot of unknowns. It was maybe a little overzealous of me to think I would get an entire download of clarity and next steps but I do feel them trickling through, bit by bit. My dreams have been more vivid and alive, and I’m paying attention and noting what feels significant. I know big things are coming – good things.
  • Comparison is also taking a backseat which likely also comes as no surprise. I haven’t had to see everyone else’s highlight reels of life and I haven’t had to hear about other people’s businesses thriving, while I have felt the complete opposite. Even when cheering others along in their journey, social media sometimes made me feel like everything I have is so much less. I can’t say the comparison trap is gone (is it ever?) but it’s giving me some space.

I’m sure there are even more lessons that will continue to show up, but I can say a month without social media was a really nice break. I’m definitely going to be setting some firmer boundaries for myself and the apps, so for the time being, the best way to connect and have conversations is still via email. Simply reply to this email and let me know how you’re doing.

It’s also the perfect time to reflect on the past year and dream about how you want the next year to look. Make sure to grab these End of Year journal prompts to help direct your practice. I can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for you. 

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