Do you get anxiety before you travel? Whether that anxiety stems from planes, trains, or automobiles, doesn’t matter. It also doesn’t matter if it stems from pre-trip excitement that feels more like anxiety in the body. It doesn’t matter because when the travel anxiety hits, it doesn’t usually feel too good. That’s where this meditation to ease travel anxiety comes into play.

You see, one of my go-to practices when anxiety hits hard is my meditation and journaling practice. While consistent practices help me manage my general anxiety on the daily, when those moments hit, another practice always helps me come back down to earth and ground back into the present. This meditation to ease travel anxiety is just the practice for those moments. And while it’s great for travel, it works well for other moments of anxiety too.

Monthly intention: Live Well

Today’s meditation: Meditation to Ease Travel Anxiety

Your journal prompt for today is: This is where I feel anxiety in my body… This is how it feels….

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