Are you open to love? If it’s love from your family and friends and you’re answering, “yes, of course,” then I’m glad to hear it, you deserve it! But what if I asked if you were open to love from YOU? Suddenly, that answer seems to change a bit. Maybe you’re not flat-out saying no, but maybe you pause, get a little uncomfortable, or feel silly. Just as we need to be open to receiving love from others, so too, do we need to be open to receiving love from ourselves. It’s not uncommon for there to be stories and limiting beliefs we’ve been holding onto for years that are getting in the way of our loving ourselves. Today’s meditation for openness is here to help open you up to receiving self-love.

Monthly intention: Self-Love

TodayÔÇÖs meditation: Meditation to Open Your Heart 

Your journal prompt for today is: What walls, stories, or limiting beliefs do you need to take down and release so you can step into self-love?

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