We’ve all found ourselves in the comparison trap and I think we all know that it doesn’t feel great. In this age of social media, it seems almost impossible to not compare our lives to the lives of every single person that we follow. We compare our jobs, our travel experiences, our relationships, our businesses, our clothes, our routines, and whatever we may happen to see, and of course, we compare without knowing all of the details of anyone’s actual situations or stories. Even when we know it’s a highlight reel, we often get caught in the trap. Today’s meditation to release comparison is designed to help cut the cord of comparison so you can come back to the present moment of the beautiful life that’s standing before you.

Monthly intention: Self-Love

Today’s meditation: Meditation to Release Comparison

Your journal prompt for today is: Where have you been falling into comparison lately? How has that been effecting you?

‘I am grateful for who I am and who I am becoming’

‘I give myself permission to embrace all sides of me’

‘Nobody is me, and that is my superpower’

‘I am being guided on the path that’s best for me in perfect time’

‘I am. I am. I am.’

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