Are mornings tough for you? Do you have a hard time getting the energy flowing first thing, especially before your first cup of coffee? I totally know that feeling. While I do consider myself a morning person in general, I am human and go through seasons when popping out of bed in the morning just doesn’t seem to happen. But one thing that seems to help me wake up (even before my morning coffee) is to start my day with some movement. This doesn’t have to be anything crazy or super long, even a short morning yoga flow to boost your energy can be the perfect thing.

This is your 10-minute SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA Morning Yoga class. This short and sweet class is the perfect yoga for an energy boost, whether you do use it at the start of your day or for that mid-day pick-me-up! Let this class be your reminder that your movement and self-care practices don’t need to take hours on end. Even if all you have is 10 minutes at the start of your day for you, you can work toward filling your cup and this morning energy boost yoga flow is a great option!

Props needed: none

Class length: 10 minutes

Skip the intro: 0:36

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