You blink your eyes open; the gravity of the evening of sleep still weighing heavily on your eyelids. Your muscles are feeling stiff so you take a big stretch and roll over to take a look at the alarm clock. Upon doing so, you realize you’ve overslept and are running late. You pop out of bed and run to the bathroom to shower and get ready for your day. Things quickly jump to feeling rushed, chaotic, and stressful. This wasn’t the way you wanted to start your day; this isn’t the energy you want to carry with you into the rest of the day, and the day follows suit. You spend your entire day feeling on edge, stressed, and like you’re constantly running from one place to the next. You imagine how differently this day could have looked if you were able to start with your morning gratitude practice. 

Now imagine waking up with ample time. Your eyes open, you roll over, and jump out of bed, not from a place of being rushed, but rather with the excitement for the day ahead. You head downstairs to the place where your yoga mat is already rolled out and waiting for you. You take a few moments to sit in stillness and meditation then you begin your yoga practice. After making your way out of Savasana, you reach for your journal and spend a few moments writing on the abundance of gratitude you have in your life right now. From there, you get ready for the day. You go about your day from a place of gratitude, positivity, and you feel more joyful. You’ve once again proven to yourself that your morning gratitude practice truly makes all the difference. 

That day is possible. You have the ability to choose how you begin your day. Sure, sometimes we will oversleep, we will have the mornings and the days that don’t go our way, that start things off on the wrong foot, but that’s not and doesn’t have to be every day. Even if you don’t have time every morning for journaling, movement, and meditation, you can choose one, two, or a few practices that bring those feelings of gratitude to the forefront of your day and this 30-minutes Gratitude Morning Slow Flow practice is one way to do so. 

Morning Gratitude Yoga Practice

Looking to add some morning journaling? Start by working through these prompts:

  • This morning I’m grateful for (list out 3-5 things)
  • Today I want to feel (write out your intention and the positive feelings you want to guide your day)

Now close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Feel the feelings of gratitude fill you up. Sit in the knowing that today will be a good day and that you have the power to make this day the way that you want it to be. Take three more deep breaths and then blink your eyes open and carry this positive and grateful feeling with you into the rest of your day.

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