Morning Yoga & Meditation Practices

While I must admit that I am usually a morning person, jumping out of bed with the readiness to get in some movement and get my day started, I’m not always that way. Like any other person in the world, I have my days (or weeks) where jumping out of bed just isn’t an easy task. Thankfully, I know that my morning yoga and meditation practices help keep me grounded and start my day on the right foot so I’m better able to pull myself out of bed to stay consistent.

Currently, I’ve been in one of those seasons where mornings aren’t the easiest and I am digging in deep and evaluating what’s changed and how I can get back to my morning person type of self. With that said, I was inspired to share some morning yoga and meditation practices that are the PERFECT way to get the blood flowing and start your day from a place of positivity and intention.

Morning Meditation – 10-minute meditation to start the day

10-minute Morning Yoga for Beginners ☀️ Daily Yoga Sequence to Start Your Morning

Gentle Morning Yoga Practice – 15-minute easy morning yoga practice

Morning Gratitude Practice – 30 minute Gratitude Morning Slow Flow

If you’re looking to make meditation a part of your morning routine, might I suggest downloading my 30-Day Meditation Habit Tracker? This 30-day Meditation Habit Tracker is going to help you build the habit and really feel the benefits of a regular meditation practice. Even better, I’m making this practice even easier for you by providing you with a suggested daily meditation!

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