If I’m being really honest, lately I’ve been feeling really ungrounded. I have felt especially scatter-brained, distracted, stuck, and anxious. I felt a desire to sit in meditation longer and turn to all of the practices that help ground my energy. Thankfully, after years of this work, I was able to recognize that my root chakra was out of balance as all of those feelings are some signs that your root chakra is blocked. So when it came time to start planning the next class I wanted to release for you on YouTube, I knew I wanted a super accessible Root Chakra Morning Yoga practice that you could turn to on even the busiest of days.

This is just that class. This is your ROOT CHAKRA Gentle Morning Yoga class. We will start our day with this Gentle Morning Yoga class that can be completed in just 10 minutes which makes this the perfect class for even the busiest of mornings. Sometimes we get caught up in feeling like our yoga practice (or any movement practice for that matter) doesn’t count unless it’s a certain length…nope! For this practice, you only need 10 minutes to get back to a place of feeling anchored, safe, and supported! Let this be my reminder to you that we can ground ourselves into our days with a short and sweet practice.

Do you want to learn more about the Root Chakra? Check out this article from Yoga Journal.

I talk a lot about Mindful Movement around here (this idea that we can tailor our movement practices to how your body, mind, and soul are feeling on any given day to give yourself the practice that you actually need). If you want to grab my FREE Mindful Movement class calendar, you can grab that here! Looking for more FREE goodies? Friend, I have all sorts of good stuff to support your practice.

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