It’s another week for us to dive into stress relief as we reflect on Stress Awareness Month. So often we get used to living in a stressed-out state and not giving ourselves the time, space, and focus to reduce our stress. Thankfully, our meditation, journaling, self-care, and yoga practices are a great way for us to work through that stress. Today’s self-acceptance affirmation meditation is the perfect opportunity for us to focus on who we are because we are not our stress, we are not our worries, and we are not our anxiety. Then as we move into our journal prompt, we’ll have the opportunity to reaffirm who we actually are and you can choose to take that in any direction that feels good to you.

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Monthly intention: Stress Relief

Today’s meditation: Self-Acceptance Affirmation Meditation

Your journal prompt for today is: Fill in the blank: I am _____

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