Have you been feeling stressed out lately? Has the weight of the world, life, or even just current circumstances been weighing on your shoulders? Have you been struggling to find the time to rest and refill your own cup? Have the needs of others felt like they’re more important than your own personal needs? Oh, my friend, I’ve been there too. Many times. What do I turn to in these moments? A stress-less restorative yoga class like this. Honestly.

Even as I write this, I’m in a season of life where I’ve found myself trying to be greater support to others in my life. I want to be clear, this isn’t a bad thing but when it does become troublesome is when we allow it to be at the detriment to ourselves. When we start to put others’ needs, wants, and desires before our own. When we forget to take some moments for ourselves to rest, recover, and rejuvenate. 

This is where restorative yoga comes into play to help support your very being. Restorative yoga is proven to relax both the mind and body, calm the nervous system, improve sleep and overall well-being. Sounds like just the thing your body needs in this season, doesn’t it? Mine too.

Restorative yoga is a super gentle yoga practice that uses props to help hold the body in various poses. In a restorative yoga class, you won’t usually feel an active stretch, but the force of gravity is giving a gentle opening to the body. If practicing in a yoga studio where you may have access to a greater selection of yoga props that could look like using bolsters, blocks, straps, cushions, blankets, and eye pillows. When we’re practicing at home, I’m aware that many may not have access to a slew of options, so in this class, we’re keeping it simple. All you need is 1 blanket. I know you have that at home. This blanket doesn’t need to be a fancy “yoga blanket” so just go grab the throw blanket off the couch, roll out your mat, and I’ll meet you there. Plan to feel more calm, relaxed, and at ease after this stress-less restorative yoga class.

Stress Less Restorative Yoga

Pro-tip: After completing your yoga practice, grab your journal and spend some time journaling through these journal prompts. Journaling when you’re feeling stressed out is another great way to tap into your body and mind, and begin to work through that stressor. Trust me, don’t just push it down. That’s never helpful in the long run. 😉 

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