You CAN reconnect with yourself again.
You can feel refueled, empowered, and peaceful.
It doesn't have to be hard; it just takes practice.

I’ve been there too. After years of burning the candle at both ends, losing myself in failed relationships, and finding myself picking up the pieces to put myself back together, I discovered the five consistent keys that help me reconnect with myself every single time.

These have become my 5 Components of Connection and they are:

When you take these 5 things and build them into a consistent practice, you become more resilient to life’s curveballs, less likely to lose yourself in your work or relationships, and bounce back quicker when you stumble.

Mindful movement allows you to connect deeper with your physical body by tuning into how it feels each day and then meeting your body where it’s at. Some days that may look like a fiery, strength training vinyasa practice, while another day it may look like a calming restorative practice and walk outside.

Meditation is the practice of single-pointed focus which helps train the mind to redirect our thoughts, not to simply turn off the monkey mind. A consistent meditation practice helps reduce stress and anxiety, improves memory and focus, enhances self awareness, and so many other wonderful benefits for mind and body.

Self-care isn’t just some popular trend to help sell bath bombs and massage packages (though those things can be great). Self-care is essential. As cliche as it sounds, you can’t pour from an empty cup so you have to take time for yourself to fill it up.

Journaling is a proven tool for reducing stress and helps you tap into hidden emotions, patterns, and belief systems. When you’re able to stay present in your journaling practice, it’s like lifting off the veil of who you are at your core.

When you’re feeling disconnected from yourself, it’s so easy to fall into feelings of loneliness and isolation. Community is an important component to cheer you on, support you, and lift you up.

How do you implement these things? What does that look like?


This virtual yoga and meditation studio is your safe place to reconnect with yourself and stay connected with YOU.

Each month you’ll focus on a different theme, intention, or mantra to find that connection in a whole new way and build your practices around it.

Your monthly membership includes:

Hi, I'm Katie.


I am a vinyasa and restorative-based yoga and meditation instructor helping women reconnect with themselves and stress less through movement and mindset practices.

I believe that our daily practices have the power to change our lives, health, and mentality. When we learn to slow down and look inside ourselves, we’re able to reconnect with our authentic selves and show up better in our world.

As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup so we have to learn to fill our own first. Sometimes, I like to have a little coffee in mine. 😉