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The Soul Connection Podcast

Cord-Cutting Meditation | 10-minute Guided Meditation Practice for Letting Go

Do you ever feel like you’re hanging on to a past experience, memory, or relationship that is no longer serving you? Do you feel ready to release the energetic ties and cords between yourself and this person, place, or thing? In this cord-cutting meditation, we’re going to visualize ourselves cutting these cords that are no …

The Soul Connection Podcast

Meditation to Release Comparison 🧘🏼‍♀️ 10-minute Guided Meditation

We’ve all found ourselves in the comparison trap and I think we all know that it doesn’t feel great. In this age of social media, it seems almost impossible to not compare our lives to the lives of every single person that we follow. We compare our jobs, our travel experiences, our relationships, our businesses, …