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Yoga for Flexibility 20-minute Beginners Friendly Practice

This is your 20-minute beginners friendly yoga for flexibility class. While we often think of flexibility as just being something within the physical body, this extends beyond the physical. We have to become flexible and fluid within our lives and the twists and turns that they may take; flexible within our jobs, families, schedules, etc. …


Evening Routine | Yoga, Meditation, & Journal Practice for Before Bed

This is your new evening routine yoga practice. This class combines journaling, meditation, and gentle movement to help you wind down mentally and physically for a good night of rest ahead. You can go through this practice right before bed or when you get home from work to help transition to your evening. If you’ve …


15-Minute Gentle Yoga Flow | Grounding Full Body Yoga

This is your 15-minute grounding yoga class. This full-body gentle class is designed to help you release the scattered thoughts in your mind and anchor your physical body into the present moment. Whether you’re feeling stressed out with your work, overwhelmed with life’s demands, or just generally feeling like you can’t get your footing, this …