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15-Minute Gentle Yoga Flow | Grounding Full Body Yoga

This is your 15-minute grounding yoga class. This full-body gentle class is designed to help you release the scattered thoughts in your mind and anchor your physical body into the present moment. Whether you’re feeling stressed out with your work, overwhelmed with life’s demands, or just generally feeling like you can’t get your footing, this …


15 min Morning Yoga for Hips and Back (Gentle Yoga to Feel Amazing)

This is your 15 min Yoga class for Hips and Back. This class came as a request from a member of our community after I opened the request line over on Instagram the other week (@iamkatiearnold – let’s connect!) This gentle yoga class for your hips and back is sure to leave you feeling rested, …


20-min Yoga for Flexibility – Sweet Release Full-Body Stretch

Yoga for Flexibility This is your 20-minute yoga for flexibility class. This fully-body stretch is perfect for creating space in the physical body so you can bring space and ease to mental and emotional bodies as well. This short class will be the perfect release you’re needing after a long day or when you’re feeling …