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The Soul Connection Podcast

Love and Kindness Meditation 💜 10-minute Guided Metta Meditation

Sometimes the hardest person for us to give love, care, and compassion toward is ourselves. And I get it. I’ve been there too. In certain seasons, we may find ourselves feeling especially critical about whether or not we “deserve” it. This love and kindness meditation is going to help us work on that. Sometimes also …

The Soul Connection Podcast

Meditation for Anxiety ✨ 12-Minute Guided Meditation to Release Anxious Thoughts

I know I’m not the only one who deals with anxiety. In fact, while some of us may experience anxiety on a more regular basis, from time to time, everyone faces anxiety or anxious thoughts. In fact, these days, anxiety feels like a given in our society. The good news is that meditation can help …

The Soul Connection Podcast

Positive Affirmations for Courage Meditation

For those moments when you need a hit of bravery; for those moments when you need the pick me up for your determination; for those moments when you need to feel your inner SuperWoman fly, these positive affirmations for courage meditation is there for you. Monthly intention: Courage Today’s meditation: Positive Affirmations for Courage Your …