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The Soul Connection Podcast

Guided Affirmation Meditation to Manifest Your Desires

I want you to think about that thing you’re looking to call into your life; that manifestation you’re working toward; that desire in your heart. Are you thinking of it? Is it right there at the forefront of your mind? Good. Now it’s time to call it in and that’s exactly what we’re going to …

The Soul Connection Podcast

Guided Meditation for Setting Boundaries

This is your guided meditation for help with setting boundaries. We all need to set boundaries in our lives but they’re often hard to execute, but boundaries are an act of self-care. Whether you’re needing support setting boundaries in a relationship, boundaries with your job, or even boundaries with yourself, this practice is designed to …

The Soul Connection Podcast

Guided Breath Meditation for Self-Discovery & Self Study

It’s time to use this guided breath meditation for self-discovery and see where we end up. In yoga, we talk a lot about Svadhyaya or Self-Study. This is the process of truly digging deep with yourself to know, understand, and appreciate yourself on a greater level. The work of self-study though can be tough; it …