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The Soul Connection Podcast

Mindfulness Meditation to Cultivate Self-Worth / Self-Love Meditation

We can’t show ourselves self-love if we don’t believe we’re worthy of it. Today’s self-love meditation is designed to help you cultivate that feeling of self-worth. We’re using mindfulness and mantras to remind ourselves of our worthiness and deservingness. And spoiler alert, we’re all worthy of self-love, but sometimes we need that gentle reminder from …

The Soul Connection Podcast

Meditation to Open Your Heart 💛 Guided Meditation for Openness

Are you open to love? If it’s love from your family and friends and you’re answering, “yes, of course,” then I’m glad to hear it, you deserve it! But what if I asked if you were open to love from YOU? Suddenly, that answer seems to change a bit. Maybe you’re not flat-out saying no, …

The Soul Connection Podcast

Meditation to Release Comparison 🧘🏼‍♀️ 10-minute Guided Meditation

We’ve all found ourselves in the comparison trap and I think we all know that it doesn’t feel great. In this age of social media, it seems almost impossible to not compare our lives to the lives of every single person that we follow. We compare our jobs, our travel experiences, our relationships, our businesses, …