I swear to you the holidays always sneak up on me. One day I’m sweating in the humidity as I take my dog for a walk and the next thing I know it’s Thanksgiving and Christmas is only a few weeks away. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?!

Okay, I do actually know how time works but it’s always funny how fast it can go. Before you know it, another week, month, or entire year has gone by.

As the holiday season is approaching, if you find yourself wondering what gifts to give your fellow yoga friend or maybe you’re just looking for ideas for your own list so I pulled together the Yoga Holiday Gift Guide! These are some of my favorite things to give and receive, and I’m sure will make any yoga-loving-friend on your gift list happy too!

The Yoga Holiday Gift Guide

A new yoga mat is always a great option!

Blocks make for a great addition to your practice! They help bring the mat a little bit closer!

Don’t forget the bolster for a relaxing restorative practice!

A yoga strap is a super versatile prop to support your practice.

You need a way to carry your mat to class, so every yogi needs a yoga mat bag.

Whether or not you’re a yogi, you can never have enough yoga pants. 😉

It may not be for your practice, but I’m pretty sure every yogi loves a pink sea salt lamp.

Connect with your fellow yogis over a cup of tea or coffee in a cute mug!

Set up your own sacred space with a fun new plant!

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