Journaling has really become my thing. I still remember many years when I wanted to get into journaling but didn’t know where to start. It felt intimidating but at the same time, I felt silly. I didn’t want to just write in my journal as I did as a pre-teen in a very “Dear Diary” kind of way. (Though honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s your vibe!)  People often ask me how to get started journaling and the tips that I share with them are the same tips I share with you today on how to start journaling. 

Start with 5-10 minutes

You don’t need to set aside a crazy amount of time to journal each day. Like I say when you’re looking to start a meditation habit, start small and we can build from there. Set a timer for 5 minutes and I think you’ll be surprised that once you start writing, time flies by quickly!

Use prompts to get you started

I know that freewriting can feel a bit intimidating. The blank page is just staring back at you and suddenly it feels like you forgot how to write and use words. I love to use journal prompts to get myself started. Those prompts can be specific to something you’re trying to work through, a simple gratitude practice, or just something random. I find that the prompts are just the catalyst to get you writing and from there you can find a flow and just go where your soul is taking you. I have my free journal prompts for when you’re stressed out that can be a great place to start. 

Get a new journal + pens you love

Can you tell that I was the student who loved the start of the school year because it meant fresh pens and new journals? Because I totally was. I still love to get some new pens and notebooks when mine run out. When you’re excited by your new journal, you’ll be excited to write in it too! I just got the Noted by Post It pens and I’m loving them! 

Don’t worry about it being perfect

When you’re journaling, the point isn’t to be grammatically correct or have perfect spelling, the point is to just let your mind go and write. Don’t worry about your handwriting being legible or anything else that may be trying to hold you back. See if you can just let yourself get into the flow and don’t get held up. I promise, your old high school English teacher won’t be reading this. 

Make a commitment to consistency

What helps me the most with a practice like journaling is to be consistent so I find it helpful to make a commitment to myself to do my journaling at the same time every day. For me, this looks like an evening gratitude practice every night. If I find myself wanting to journal on something else or something more, I don’t hold myself back from that, but I do make sure I spend a few minutes journaling on my gratitude from the day before I go to sleep. There’s a reason why these daily 5-minute journals are such a hit with people, they help you fall into a consistent habit.  

Let it be fun

Seriously! Have fun with it! If journaling doesn’t resonate with you, that’s fine, but if you can let it be fun then maybe you’ll find a new self-care practice that sticks! 

Pair it with another practice

One trick for creating new habits suggests habit stacking, which essentially means stacking the new thing you want to become a habit with something you already do consistently. For example, you brush your teeth twice a day, so maybe you stack brushing your teeth in the morning with the new habit you’re trying to add. The Soul Connection podcast is another great example. We’re stacking journaling with our meditation practice. 

I hope you find these tips to start journaling helpful and I’m excited to hear what tips help you the most to get into your own journaling practice.

Do you enjoy journaling? What are some tips that helped you start journaling? 

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