Over the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling my creativity return. I’ve felt my mindset shift to brighter places. I’ve felt more connected to myself and more present in my life. And I’ve seen the ideas flow out of my mind with ease, ready to be shaped and molded like clay on a potter’s wheel. Being creative has always been a part of me so when I’ve had periods where words just didn’t flow, ideas didn’t come, and my imagination didn’t seem to be working, it was hard. Sometimes we need that push to get things going again. Like a shot of espresso for our creative tendencies, that’s exactly what I want this yoga for creativity class to be for you. 

Yoga to Spark Creativity

This class is all about sparking your creativity. Through this class, we will do what is called a Moon Flow or Moon Salutation, and we will move from the front of our mats to the back, and then back and forth, again and again. Notice how this class allows you to start to pull your creativity out of hiding and allow it to flourish in this space on your mat. I then invite you to take that creativity off your mat and into your life. Let this class be your reminder that yoga exists far beyond the space on our mats.

And while we’re on it, another great way to spark your creativity is to take a break, to re-set, even if it’s in the middle of your day. If I’m feeling the stress of my workday and struggling to come up with new and creative ideas for my job, I know I need a break and I’ll go meditate for a few minutes or take my dog for a walk to get out in nature. The movement and quieting of incoming information is usually just what I need to come back feeling more inspired. I did this even when I worked in an office vs working from home. Instead, I’d shut my office door or go out to my car and take a short meditation break. 

Give this short yoga practice a try and notice how that time for yourself is just what you need to see the creativity return to mind.

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